New brand positioning for a luxury brand

Family Brand Strategy and Storytelling

The special challenge in the case of the luxury brand Gübelin was the declination of the brand story from the family brand level into the different subbrands.

We laid special emphasis on the claim “deeply inspired” as the binding element to the changing business dynamics and buyer personas within the brand family.

Creation of the jewelry brand strategy

Deeply rooted in the value set of the Gübelin brand origin and its values we laid special emphasis on the creation of the idea where the outside design around the gemstone is inspired by the inner representation of the gemstone inclusions. A small red ruby serves on all jewelry pieces as the binding element to the changing design. It simply always remains Gübelin.

The jewelry line-up strategy

Inspired by an inclusion in an emerald, the entire Gübelin Ancient Path line persuades with its artful cuts and shapes. Part of the newly created world «Mystical Garden», the «Ancient Path» Line shows how a design can reinterpret classic values for a modern style.

Creation of the Masterpieces

In the case of the Masterpieces, the design is created only once the gemstone has been carefully hand-selected and the inclusion has been explored. Serving as the ultimate inspiration for the designer, it is the shape of the inclusion itself which determines the shape and form of the design around the gemstone. Reminding Gübelin’s jewellery designers of the elegant curved shape of the seahorse’s tail, two elegant vertebrae were created to anchor the beautiful centre stone of the magnificent ring.

Website Development

The development of the website was a particularly challenging undertaking: It combined the objective of launching the new Gübelin digital presence with the rebranding exercise of the house of Gübelin as in parts described in the previous windows. It will not come as a surprise to you that the development of the web strategy and its implementation was a 12-month project.

website development