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Brand Purpose, buyer persona, customer journey development, and content strategy – for ylex

Problem: The team around this fascinating start-up reinventing the approach to legal advice was looking for their digital social media strategy and a professional approach to making the brand purpose come alive digitally.

Solution: We created together with the ylex team the buyer personas and customer journeys. BE Strategic worked out a content strategy including SEO, social media channel strategy, and editorial calendar. HubSpot implementation included.

Result: Ylex is currently creating an online community and has already opened a store in Bern. More to come.

Digital Training: Customer Journey

BE Strategic has over the past years run many digital trainings for clients in various industries. One very popular module is the customer journey training. We first explore the different steps of creating customer journeys and then develop them for your brand. Result: At the end of the workshop you have the customer journeys for your brand available to develop your website, your social media strategy and create / improve other important brand touchpoints.

SEO Strategy and verbal identity

For the Switzerland website, blog and social media text we took on the challenge of creating the SEO strategy as a base for the content and channel strategy.

We then accompanied the brand in the implementation of targeted content across the different social media channels on Facebook, Linked-in, and Instagram.

Content Strategy

The content strategy lays the groundwork for any brand to attract, engage and delight their buyer personas. The proven methodology is the topic cluster framework. In it, you produce a pillar page — a webpage that completely informs prospects about a specific topic. From there, you surround your pillar page with subtopics (e.g., blog posts, videos, infographics, etc.), each with a link back to the pillar page. BE Strategic provides you with a workbook developed for your brand and then implements the plan together with your teams.


BE Strategic develops your KPIs together with you in a dedicated workshop setting. We also onboard you with the right tools so you can regularly receive tailor-made reports right into your inbox. Depending on your brand’s complexity, this process can take two to six weeks. The time invested will give you high returns, depending on the willingness and flexibility of your organization to implement improvements based on the data provided.