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Brand & Digital Roadmap

BE Strategic created a simple three step approach that uniquely manages to connect branding with digital to develop brand experiences for today’s world. The projects are delivered not only based on the strategic capabilities and capacity to generate an unending stream of ideas and stories but also thanks to an extensive network of professionals (designers, photographers, digital specialists) that have worked together over many years and on many different projects. Here below you find the case overview which can be applied to any industry and has been tried, optimized and tested over and over again in B2B and B2B2C industries such as lifesciences, SaaS, smart home systems, new technology start-ups, and in the luxury business.

Repositioning a brand:
Brand Positioning


Brand Audit

Analysis of the competitive environment, brand design features and overall digital brand potential of website and social media activities.

Set Objectives

Laying out clear priorities built on budget.

Create Project Set-Up

Discuss the number of workshops, deliverables and fix dates with client

Several Branding Workshops

Create brand purpose, USP, brand values, and family brand architecture.

Brand Positioning Document

This document contains the DNA of the brand: brand purpose, values, vision, a clear definition of all buyer personas, the customer journeys and the brand USP.

Repositioning a brand:
Corporate Design

Bringing to life the brand positioning

This part of the brand repositioning is the most important one. It is here were the words are transformed into pictures, shapes and colors. Depending on your needs our team can revise the logo, modernize the brand color scheme and slightly or completely revamp the communication concept.

Depending on the type of communication concept we go into production via a shooting or with stock visuals which are usually manipulated with special effects.

In order to enable a flexible use of all brand assets we regularly upload all new assets onto a brand cloud where all external and internal stakeholders can access the new logo versions, color codes and key visuals.


Logo Design

New or revised Logo

Communication Concept

Creating a story

Color Charta Review

Adapt the color schemes

Brand Visuals

Team members, product visuals, key visuals, office

Online Style Guide

Logo, visuals, icons, colors, infographics

Digital Strategy & Implementation

The digital strategy requires usually not more than four weeks. In this time we run several workshops in which we discuss the SEO strategy, content strategy including social media channel strategy, and key priorities on website based on structural diagrams and taking into account customer journey considerations already crystallised in step 1.

The content production for the website texts and the social media content is kicked off as soon as the channel plan and content strategy is approved.


SEO Strategy

Develop on page and off page SEO strategy

Content Strategy

Develop social media channel plan

Create website structure

Focus on customer-centric content and conversion services

Production Web & Social Media

Website, Social media channel creation, content production

Along the different project steps we work with the usual project management tools as prefered by the client. In case no tools are in place we will analyse the client situation and recommend the correct combination of tools.