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Campaign Concept

When executing a digital strategy, it’s also important to think about the opportunities you have for campaigns that can drive visitors to your site, encourage engagement and lead generation, and convert prospects into customers.

Campaign Concept

Campaigns work as a way to set goals and KPIs, and create activities that will help your business to reach those goals. Without campaigns, companies may struggle to connect with their target audience, or understand the methods that actually work to drive sales.

When working together with a digital strategist, they will help you to come up with different concepts for your campaigns depending on your specific needs, challenges, goals, and target audiences. Campaigns may include social media or paid advertising, they may be around a specific event, or be promotional of an offer, or particular piece of content such as an e-book.

Campaigns are also a great way to determine which actions contribute to sales. Campaigns can then be compared to one another to evaluate performance, see how marketing automation plays a role, or if you are aligned properly with customer expectations.

The main goals for campaigns are usually new customer acquisition, but increasingly campaigns are used to encourage repeat business from existing customers, to increase branding visibility, or promote identity within a specific industry through event or conference participation.

Source Infographic: CoSchedule

A digital strategist will set up your campaign concept from end-to-end, so that you can analyze how your promotional activities are contributing to on-site traffic, how your webpages, landing pages, forms, offers, and content are contributing to lead generation, and how nurturing, automation, email and other engagement activities are contributing to actual sales.

Multiple campaigns can be running simultaneously, but particularly are only ongoing for a specific period of time. Your strategist will help you to decide when campaigns may be most effective, how long they should run for, and how to allocate budget for any paid placements and remarketing strategies.