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Corporate Design

When looking to better establish your company’s branding and style, the corporate design can play a major role in determining whether or not you will leave a lasting impression in the eyes of consumers. Corporate design and logos tend to become a recognizable entity for many of the world’s biggest companies, making them very important when going about your branding and digital strategy.

Corporate Design

Elements of corporate design not only include the logo of your company, but also the colors you use, typography, and the types of imaging. Typography can make a big difference in how your company is perceived, whether that be towards the more professional and straightforward side, cool and sleek, or fun and whimsical, font and typography can determine how consumers view your brand. Color scheme and typography should be chosen together, as certain colors can also evoke specific feelings and perceptions, and should match those of the fonts.

Corporate design requires planning and research, and alignment with your values, culture, and overall digital strategy. Often, corporate design is based on a mission, ethos, or slogan of a company or the name itself, but should strive to evoke positive feelings from those who see it.

Coming up with a good corporate design takes more than just a keen eye for design and aesthetics. Your corporate design should be developed and chosen together with a digital strategist who can help you to see where design fits into overall image and messaging for your branding, website, and marketing materials.

Corporate design will not only matter for your entire digital presence, but also for any kind of print advertising, labeling and packing of physical products, sponsorships and events, company swag like t-shirts and tote bags, and even your office spaces. As with all elements of branding and marketing, corporate design requires consistency, a clear and simple idea and message, and good presentation.